To inspire a spirit of giving to improve healthcare in the Lakelands by helping bring advanced care closer to home


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    Self Regional Healthcare
    The premier healthcare provider for Greenwood and surrounding counties

Greetings Friends of the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation:

Thank you for visiting the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation website.

Hospitals across this country are facing challenging times. They’re being asked to do more for the health of their communities with fewer resources than ever before. That’s the case for Self Regional Healthcare.

In response to these challenging times, and thanks to thousands of people who care about the future of healthcare in Greenwood and the Lakelands region, Self Regional Healthcare continues to provide grow and thrive. The people in our community have access to state of the art facilities and some of the most sophisticated medical equipment in the Southeast. Much of that is due to the charitable support this Foundation has enjoyed for almost 30 years.

Having the facilities and equipment is important. However, were it not for a gifted and caring team of employees and an incredibly talented medical staff, having all the technology and equipment in the world wouldn’t matter.

In the coming months, you’ll be learning more about Self Regional Healthcare’s future needs. In order to build on our past support of SRH, we’ve embarked on a new era of service and education, recognition, and philanthropy to improve healthcare in Greenwood and surrounding areas.

The Foundation Board of Trustees, which is made up of 20 volunteer leaders from our community, will be working hard to build on this base of support. They’ll be engaging as many people as it takes to fulfill our mission to support Self Regional Healthcare. You’ll be reading and hearing about our five standing committees: Annual Support, Business and Industry, Planned Gifts, Special Gifts, and Signature Gifts. These committees, and the volunteers who will serve on each, will be part of a new and exciting era for the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation.

In closing, I ask you to think about these compelling statistics: In fiscal year 2015 alone, 57,300 people used our emergency room, 1,421 women had their babies at Self, those diagnosed with cancer received 23,700 IV infusion procedures, 7,700 chemotherapy treatments, and 7,600 radiation treatments, more than 1,800 interventional cardiology procedures were performed, 13,000 people were admitted to Self to receive critical, and in many cases, lifesaving care. The fact is this: there is no other organization or institution that touches more lives in the Lakelands region than Self Regional Healthcare.

As you hear more about our Foundation’s efforts and initiatives, I invite you to join and help us provide the best possible care for our patients, our friends, our co-workers, and our families.


Ken Coffey