$25,000 Donation from Eaton Corporation

(Greenwood, S.C., February 6, 2024) – The EATON Charitable Gift Fund of EATON Corporation generously donated $25,000 to the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation. The donation is earmarked for the purchase of a new, mobile 3D mammography vehicle to serve Greenwood and the Lakelands region with state-of-the-art mammography services.

“EATON’s Charitable Gift Committee evaluates numerous requests for support each year. Once again, we are pleased to support the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation because most of our team members will benefit by having a premier healthcare provider close to home. Not only will this new mobile mammography vehicle serve EATON and other employers in the area, it will also afford thousands of women with the opportunity to have this life saving screening in their community, as the vehicle is typically on the road 20+/- days every month,” said Chelsey Steifle, EATON HR Manager.

Executive Director of the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation, Ken Coffey said, “We thank EATON Corporation for their past and ongoing support. EATON has been a steadfast supporter of our Foundation and has contributed nearly $200,000 for us to meet the healthcare needs of our community. We are proud to have EATON as a Platinum level member of our Corporate Honor Roll program, and we are extremely grateful for their continued investment in the future of healthcare in Greenwood and the Lakelands region.”

Pictured from left to right: Ken Coffey, Exec. Director, SRH Foundation; John Cooper, Chair, SRH Foundation Board of Trustees; Mark O’Hara, EATON; Ryan Benson, EATON; Jim Hull, EATON; Phyllis Manzer, EATON; Ward Ledbetter, EATON; Charles Fuller, EATON; Chelsey Steifle, HR Manager, EATON; Olivia Lewis, EATON; Jessica Garcia, Development Officer, SRH Foundation