Top Sponsors Announced for 2024 Mid-Winter Ball

From Left to right: R. Thornwell Dunlap III, Countybank; Patrick Hobson, Chandler Construction; John Driscoll, Robins & Morton; Casey Tompkins, Davis & Floyd; Denise Manley, Midwinter Ball Co-Chair; David Buckshorn, Wesley Commons; Dr. Matt Logan, President & CEO, Self Regional Healthcare; Walter Todd, Greenwood Capital; David Tompkins, Countybank; Dr. Lindsay Snider, Midwinter Ball Co-Chair; Charles Kneisley, Robins & Morton, and Robyn Hoffman, Lander University. Not pictured: Kristin Manske, Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital

The 2024 Mid-Winter Ball, hosted by the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation, celebrated its top sponsors at a special luncheon dedicated to honoring their support. Themed “A Night At the Oscars,” the event showcased the invaluable contributions of its sponsors in various categories. Countybank and Greenwood Capital took center stage as the Best Picture/Presenting sponsors, while Chandler Construction, a newcomer to the event, dazzled as the Best Set Design/Venue Sponsors. Davis & Floyd earned accolades as the Best Producer/Band sponsor, with Lander University illuminating the occasion as the Best Cinematography/Lighting sponsor. Robins & Morton orchestrated the perfect score as the Best Film Score/Dance Floor sponsors, while Wesley Commons crafted a compelling narrative as the Best Adapted Screenplay/Silent Auction sponsors. Greenwood Regional Rehabilitation Hospital lent its artistic touch as the Best Art Director/Invitation sponsors. This gathering not only celebrated the spirit of collaboration but also provided a platform to reflect on the State of Self Regional Healthcare.

The Ball, scheduled for Saturday, February 24th, will take place from 7 p.m. until midnight at the Medford Family Center within Piedmont Technical College. Attendees can anticipate an enchanting evening featuring a delectable dinner crafted by the talented Self Regional Food and Nutrition team, engaging in a silent auction, and dancing to the captivating tunes provided by the Atlanta Groove Factory.

“On behalf of the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees, we thank all our major 2024 Mid-Winter Ball sponsors for their support. We simply could not hold this ball without the support of our sponsors,” said Jessica Garcia, Development Officer with the Foundation. 

Proceeds from the 2024 Ball will be used to help fund the purchase of a new, 3D mobile mammography vehicle that will require an investment of approximately $1 million. The fundraising drive to acquire this new vehicle is well under way, thanks to a lead gift of $250,000 from the Dabo and Kathleen Swinney All In Team Foundation. 

Tickets can be purchased by visiting or by calling the Foundation office at (864) 725-4256.