Ken Coffey, Executive Director, Self Regional Healthcare Foundation; Courtney Furman, Chairman, Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees.

Ken Coffey, Executive Director, Self Regional Healthcare Foundation; Courtney Furman, Chairman, Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees.

Dear Friends,

With a population of 255,000 in Greenwood and the Lakelands region, it is imperative for Self Regional Healthcare to keep pace with the healthcare needs of our community. One of the ways Self Regional is doing just that is through charitable giving from the hundreds of donors listed in our 2017 Donor Report. At the heart of your hospital is a community that cares about the future of healthcare right here at home, and on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation, we thank you!

Our Vision is 2020 campaign is currently underway! The gifts recognized in this Report will support three mission critical projects on the main campus of the hospital: renovation of the Childbirth Center, renovation and expansion of the Ambulatory Care Center, and renovations to the Emergency Department. These three projects will touch thousands of lives, and the gifts given by the generous individuals, businesses, and foundations listed in this Report will help bring the aforementioned projects to fruition. Simply put, without this level of commitment, caring and support, Self Regional Healthcare would not be the premier healthcare provider that it is today.

Philanthropy always has been and always will be, critical to continuing the tradition of healthcare excellence in our community. It began in the mid-1940’s when James C. Self stepped up to build a new hospital for this community after a tornado destroyed the original hospital in April, 1944. Self Memorial was given as a gift to provide the best healthcare for Greenwood and surrounding areas. Thanks to the gifts recognized in this Report, that spirit lives on.

As Our Vision Is 2020 Campaign proceeds, we will build on the culture of philanthropy that has sustained healthcare in this community for more than 66 years. Thank you for your support and for caring to make a difference in the future of healthcare!

Courtney Furman, Chairman
Ken Coffey, Exec. Director